Redluco Aviation business card and stationery

Brand design for Redluco Aviation

Flying privately, taken care of. Redluco Aviation provide the ultimate private jet charter service, globally. From booking the jet to landing at the most convenient private airport, all the arrangements are taken care of so you can relax and travel in style, no stress.

LEAD IMAGE Redluco Aviation stationery samples — business card, compliments card and envelope.

This project entailed brand identity development from concept through to final execution. Design for monogram, logo, logotype, fonts, colour palette, hero imagery, style guide and supporting brand collateral that included stationery, sales deck, in-flight menu, social media graphics and website. The look and feel needed to be luxurious and understated.

The monogram is set in a modern 18th-century style typeface, famous for its high contrast thick to thin strokes. The primary brand typeface is categorised as a Humanist sans with nuances that include a high-centre ‘M’ and glyphs with diagonals to add extra sparkle. The sharp vertices echo those of the monogram.

For the luxury stationery, a range of concepts were developed and then refined into one chosen design. Tactility, colour and weight were important considerations when selecting the materials. The design features GF Smith Colorplan card and paper combined with a clear foil deboss of the monogram and logo. The stationery suite includes business cards, compliments cards, envelopes and letterhead.

Foil stamping involves using a magnesium or brass ‘die’ which is etched with artwork and then used to transfer foil on to a substrate via heat and pressure.

There are many different foil finishes to choose from; metallic, satin, sheen, gloss pigment, fluorescent, matt pigment, gloss transparent, pearlescent, holographic, metal effect, transparent holographic, security, hologram, brushed and patterned. For the best results make sure the substrate you choose is right for the selected foil.

Redluco Aviation business card and stationery
Redluco Aviatin stationery samples